Bottle Sleeving
Makes An Impact

Vari Woods

Business Development Support/PA

Bottle Sleeving was added to our services in 2018 and due to its success, we now have 3 bottle sleeving lines, 2 in Linwood and a new line in Kirkcaldy. One of our first bottle sleeving projects was the Game of Thrones; White Walker; designed bottles for Johnnie Walker. The success of that promotion has added another dimension to new product development and launches.

Johnnie Walker A Song Of Ice White Wolf Bottle Sleeve applied by QAS Group

The Technology

The specialist technology that allows a bottle to have a heat shrunk full sleeve creates an opportunity to make a real design impact. No longer are producers tied to label sizes now they can utilise the whole bottle surface to make the biggest visual impact. Bottle sleeving has made it possible for product designers to be as creative as they can and stand out from the competition with a brand that is visually exciting and impactful.

Our shrink sleeving machinery offers the most versatile and cost-effective solution. Bottle sleeving allows producers to differentiate purely on sleeve design. This inevitably cuts costs by consolidating their range to one bottle manufacturer or bottle type. A full-body sleeve can replace multiple labels and seals on a bottle, reducing production time and costs.

Our bottle sleeving process also offers tamper-proof security coding to bottles, by stamping details directly to the sleeve. Bottle sleeving materials are much easier to remove than sticky labels, making it much easier to recycle the glass bottles with the sleeves also recyclable.

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