QAS recognise the need to pay particular attention to our environment and conduct our business in a manner which encompasses every measure practicably possible.

Equally important is the ongoing education and development of our Management and Employees in outlining the areas within our industry which have a detrimental effect on our environment.


Our company will aim to:

  • Minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • Support all practical environmental issues identified in our industry.


To do this effectively we will:

  • Dedicate Management time to the monitoring and disposal of all waste materials.
  • Work with our customers in reducing packaging requirements.
  • Ensure all reject cartons/paper are baled and collected for recycling.
  • Ensure all vehicles and machinery are maintained on a scheduled basis to reduce emissions.
  • Provide ongoing training to our Managers on Fuel & Energy efficiency.
  • Monitor and reduce noise levels both internally and externally.
  • Work with our re-cycling partner to ensure environmentally friendly disposal of all waste products.
  • Raise the awareness of all Employees, encouraging them to respond positively to the identification of environmental issues.
  • Continually manage & monitor our energy usage and employ energy efficiency measures wherever possible.


We believe that providing the time, resources, and culture to encourage our employees to recognise and assist the company improve its impact on the environment is essential to our fundamental quality of life.


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