Bonded Rework

We provide value-add rework and customisation services to finished bottling products across our multifunctional manual and automatic lines, supporting and delivering product and brand differentiation.

Our bonded rework services include but are not limited to: – gifting, promotional merchandise units, shrink and over wrapping, case conversion and HMRC approved label wash off and reapplication.


Our outsourced co-packing solution provides a comprehensive range of packing and repacking solutions fully tailored to meet our customer needs.

Our co-packing services include: – value add, luxury and promotional packing, labelling,
bar-coding, resorting and quality inspection

Case & Carton Assembly

Case and carton assembly service consisting of 8 lines – 5 case erectors, 3 carton erectors as well as 3 automatic labelling lines, typically producing in excess of 5m assembled units per year, with capacity to scale up as required to meet additional customer demand.


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